Antoine – it’s a perfume of exceptional quality, made in France.

The spirit of an Antoine perfume is based on simplicity: simple writing, simple formula, simple ingredients. This in order to highlight each of the ingredients and bring out their facets as much as possible. The natural ingredients bring nobility and richness to the compositions while the synthetic ingredients, essential for modern perfumery, make it possible to explore new olfactory fields or to bring great finesse.

True meaning of Natural Luxury Hair Care

T-LAB Professional brand provides luxurious, natural and innovative hair products for premium beauty houses, salons and stores worldwide, as well as for the own chain of beauty salons and stores.

T-LAB Professional hair care collections based on 97% organic ingredients, paraben free / SLES-free. All products are formulated with Unique Natural Complex (UNC), which consists of active organic ingredients – signature of the brand: French Rose Oil, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Milk, Orchid Milk, Monoi Milk, Caviar Extract, Sea Collagen, Cashmere Proteins.

Many different scents do not leave you indifferent. Once tasted – can’t stop!

Aromatic •89• is a manufacturer of luxurious and high quality home scents. High focus on the product quality guarantee satisfied clients.
Aromatic •89• is a manufacturer of luxurious and high quality home scents. Aromatic •89• started activity in 2016 from a single employee and in a short time grew into a strong, friendly team. Aromatic •89• focus on the product quality.

Professional Cosmetics for Depilation.

ItalWax offers professional depilatory products made in compliance with modern and classic Italian formulas under strict supervision of it’s private laboratory in Milan. All ItalWax waxes have high adhesiveness to hairs, but not to the skin surface. That makes waxing procedure most effective, fast, safe and relatively painless.